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Sign up & get your first 70kW free!

Sign up & get your first 70kW free!

Charge your EV where you need

We're excited to introduce AutomateOn, Australia's latest EV charging network designed to revolutionise your charging experience. 



Bookable & viewable

No more wondering if that EV charger is going to be available when you need it. Our EV chargers will be viewable and bookable via app.


Pay as you go or charge overnight

We are strategically locating many of our EV chargers in locations where off-street or at-home charging is not possible. Pricing plans will be available to allow for overnight charging. 

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Big things are coming

We're planning for one of the most innovative EV charging networks solving the biggest problems of availability & reliability


Nationwide Coverage

Starting in Sydney and Melbourne, we'll quickly expand our charging network to the rest of Australia as we build up our partnerships.


Use our app. Or not

Apps are great but not if they get in the way of your charge. Our chargers will be enabled to be activated via the app or Tap-&-Go credit or debit cards.


Bookings Guaranteed

We get it. Nothing is worse than expecting to charge & not being able to. That's why we'll guarantee if you're unable to charge, your next charge is free.

Best in class brands

We work with leading brands in the EV charging space to ensure the best and most reliable charging experience.
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Who we are

We're a group of passionate, dedicated drivers who, above all else, want to see more reliable EV charging options around Australia. With experiences in technology, charging infrastructure, operations in big tech companies & startups & we look forward to making your charging experience an awesome one!

Proud Industry Members

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Sign up to our waitlist to let us know where you'd like an EV charger and get your first 70 kWh free when we launch!

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