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Get a free EV charger & earn extra revenue for your business

Attract new customers & earn passive income with an AutomateOn EV charger!

Included Services

We're a full turnkey solution where we manage and monetise your EV chargers.

What's included:

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Installation & Maintenance

AutomateOn will manage installation & maintenance of your EV charger from site surveys to approvals.


Payment & Redemption

Payment is handled directly via app. Funds automatically transferred.


Owner & EV driver apps

Both charger owners & EV drivers will have their own apps to manage their experience

Conversion Tracking

With the app & coupons you'll be able to track sales coming from EV charging.


Booking & Queue Systems

A unique feature of our chargers is the ability to reserve, giving you better income prediction.

Data & Analytics

Get valuable & actionable insights from the data we collect for you.


How it works


Step 1 / Book a Call

Book an initial call with our team to ensure the you meet our criteria. A site survey will also be organised.

Step 2 / Get approved

Approval process usually happens within 2 business days after site survey.

Step 3 / Get trained & book install

Take our online training session & organise a date for installation.

Step 4 / Installation

Our qualified electricians will install your EV charger in the agreed-upon location. 

Step 5 / Get ready

Get your site ready by updating your Host profile, confirming available charging times & ensuring drivers can access site when needed.

Step 6 / Get paid. Repeatedly

Drivers book & pay for EV charging via the platform or app. After your first visitor you'll get paid on a monthly basis. 

Sign up as a host and receive a free EV charger when your location is approved!

Best in class brands

We work with leading brands in the EV charging space to ensure the best and most reliable charging experience.
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In demand locations

Our drivers have spoken & indicated where they'd like or need EV chargers. Whether that's near work, home or otherwise, EV charging is in-demand. Take a look at the map below where there's EV charger demand. If you have an EV charger in any of these locations, have a business or car space that you want to monetise & enable with EV charging please contact us!


Proud Industry Members

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