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Installers & sparkies, earn recurring income from existing customers

Offer commercial customers a smarter way to monetise their EV charger

Earning extra revenue is easy

Bundle the AutomateOn Charging-as-a-Service subscription service to your current offering, as a standalone or as an upsell to previous customers

EV Charging as a Service

If you've installed solar panels and/or an EV charger for a customer, the AutomateOn platform gives them an easy way to monetise that asset.

Apps & Payments included

Recurring Income


Bundled maintenance

Your customers get an app for themselves & drivers who use the charger. Payment is handled through the app, with no extra work for the customer.

We pay you a commission every month on every subscription for as long as the customer is subscribed to the platform.

As a partner you can take on the regular on-site maintenance for additional income even for chargers you didn't install, introducing you to new customers.

How it works


Step 1 / Book a Call

Book an initial call with our team to ensure the AutomateOn products are a good fit for your customers.

Step 2 / Get approved

Approval process usually happens within 2 business days.

Step 3 / Get trained

A quick 20 minute online training session that you can do on your own time. Materials, collaterals & online help will be available if your customers have more questions. 

Step 4 / Do what you do best

Work with your customers like you normally do! If they're an EV driver or curious about installing EV chargers for their business now you have software you can sell them on top of the hardware.

Step 5 / Get paid. Repeatedly

After we've onboarded your customer, you get paid once they go live and for every month they keep the subscription. Passive, recurring revenue for you. 


Get in Touch

Find out more on becoming a partner. New approved partners for this quarter get a bonus $100 in their 1st month!

In demand locations

Our drivers have spoken & indicated where they'd like or need EV chargers. Whether that's near work, home or otherwise, EV charging is in-demand. Take a look at the map below where there's EV charger demand. If you have an EV charger in any of these locations or have a customer that's interested in installing and monetising EV chargers please contact us!

Who we are

We're a group of passionate, dedicated drivers who, above all else, want to see more reliable EV charging options around Australia. With experiences in technology, charging infrastructure, operations in big tech companies & startups & we look forward to making your charging experience an awesome one!

Proud Industry Members

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