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What EV drivers are looking for in a local EV charger

As the popularity of EVs continues to soar, the demand for public charging stations is also on the rise. Level 2 EV chargers, which provide a charging speed of up to 40 km per hour, are particularly sought after by EV drivers. In this article, we will explore what EV drivers are looking for in a public level 2 EV charger, and provide some interesting data points from Australia.

  1. Reliability: Perhaps the most important factor for EV drivers when it comes to public charging stations is reliability. Nobody wants to arrive at a charging station only to find that it's out of order, or that the charging speed is slower than advertised. According to a survey conducted by the Electric Vehicle Council, 84% of Australian EV drivers cited reliability as a key factor when choosing a public charging station.

  2. Accessibility: Another important factor for EV drivers is accessibility. They want charging stations to be located in convenient and accessible locations, such as shopping centres, tourist destinations, and public car parks. This is particularly important for drivers who rely on public charging stations as their primary source of charging. In fact, a survey conducted by Chargefox found that 63% of Australian EV drivers prefer to use public charging stations for the majority of their charging needs.

  3. User-friendly: Finally, EV drivers are looking for charging stations that are user-friendly and easy to use. This includes features such as clear instructions, simple payment methods, and easy-to-read displays. According to a study conducted by the International Council on Clean Transportation, user-friendliness was one of the most important factors for EV drivers when choosing a public charging station.

To summarise, EV drivers are looking for public level 2 EV chargers that are reliable, accessible, and user-friendly. As the number of EVs on the road continues to grow, it's important for charging station providers to take these factors into consideration when designing and deploying public charging infrastructure.

Some final data points:

  • According to the Electric Vehicle Council, there were 22,188 EVs registered in Australia as of December 2020, representing a 45% increase from the previous year.

  • A survey conducted by the NRMA found that 70% of Australians are considering buying an EV as their next car.

  • Chargefox, one of Australia's largest EV charging networks, recently announced that it has raised $15 million to fund the expansion of its charging network across the country.



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