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Electric Car Charger

Find an EV charger where you need it.

As an EV driver you know it's not range anxiety but destination anxiety. You've got enough charge to get to your destination but will the next charger be available and working? We're excited to introduce AutomateOn, Australia's latest EV charging network designed to revolutionise your charging experience.  We can notify you as we add new EV chargers in your desired location. So request and book an EV charger wherever and whenever you need it. Guaranteed or your next charge is free.

Request an EV charger location

Days required:

Big things are coming

We're planning for one of the most innovative EV charging networks solving the biggest problems of availability & reliability


Nationwide Coverage

Starting in Sydney and Melbourne, we'll quickly expand our charging network to the rest of Australia as we build up our partnerships.


Use our app. Or not

Apps are great but not if they get in the way of your charge. Our chargers will be enabled to be activated via the app or Tap-&-Go credit or debit cards.


Bookings Guaranteed

We get it. Nothing is worse than expecting to charge & not being able to. That's why we'll guarantee if you're unable to charge, your next charge is free.

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