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Monetise your EV charger

Do you have an EV charger installed at your home or business? Now you can earn revenue from it!

How to monetise your EV charger


Make sure you add your EV charger onto map apps like PlugShare & Google Maps. This is the main way that EV drivers will find your business & know that you're happy for them to rest and top-up at your establishment! AutomateOn will ensure you're promoted in the relevant apps with accurate charger info.



Whether you decide to charge drivers directly for EV charging, subsidize through store purchase or offer for free you should implement a software platform like AutomateOn that can track usage & conversion to additional revenue.


Work with a partner like AutomateOn who will regularly maintain your EV charger and commit to an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to keep a satisfactory uptime. Maintenance should also include monitoring and proactive servicing to minimise outages.

Get in Touch

So you've invested in an electric vehicle (EV) charger, but you feel like it is under-utilised? Look no further, because AutomateOn is here to help you monetise your EV charger and turn it into a profitable asset.

AutomateOn's unique offering makes your EV charger more attractive to drivers by allowing to book charging so drivers know when they're available. This feature allows drivers to plan their trips and reduces the frustration of having to search or drive to a charger only to find that it's occupied.

With AutomateOn, you'll never have to worry about the hassle of managing your EV charger again. We provide a simple and straightforward platform that streamlines the charging process, leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

So, if you're looking to monetise your EV charger and make the most out of your investment, get in touch with us today and join the growing number of businesses who are making their EV charger work for them.

In demand locations

Our drivers have spoken & indicated where they'd like or need EV chargers. Whether that's near work, home or otherwise, EV charging is in-demand. Take a look at the map below where there's EV charger demand. If you have an EV charger in any of these locations, have a business or car space that you want to monetise & enable with EV charging please contact us!

Who we are.

We're a group of passionate, dedicated drivers who, above all else, want to see more reliable EV charging options around Australia. With experiences in technology, charging infrastructure, operations in big tech companies & startups & we look forward to making your charging experience an awesome one!

Proud Industry Members

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To learn more about how we can help monetise your EV charger faster, please reach out to our team.

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