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You've installed their EV charger, how can you help customers monetise it?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

As EV adoption increases, customers are investing in EV chargers for their homes and businesses. As a professional electrician, you have an opportunity to help your customers get the most out of their EV chargers by helping them monetise their investment.

Monetising an EV charger can be done in several ways, including selling charging to other EV drivers, receiving government incentives, and bundling EV charging with your customer's other services. By helping your customers monetise their EV charger, you can provide them with a valuable service and increase your own business revenue. Here are some ways you can help your customers monetise their EV charger:

1. Sell charging to other EV drivers

One way to monetize an EV charger is to sell electricity to other EV drivers. This is known as "peer-to-peer" (P2P) charging, and it's becoming increasingly popular in countries like Australia, where EV adoption is growing rapidly. P2P charging allows EV owners to share their EV chargers with other EV owners for a fee, which can be set by your customer, the charger owner.

As an electrician, you can help your customers set up P2P charging by installing smart charging systems that allow for payment processing and scheduling. You can also help them to market their chargers to other EV drivers through social media, EV community apps and EV forums.

According to a report by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), P2P charging can help EV owners recoup some of the costs associated with installing an EV charger. The report found that EV owners who share their chargers for six hours per day could earn up to AUD $2,000 per year.

2. Take advantage of government incentives

Another way to monetise an EV charger is to take advantage of government incentives. In Australia, there are several government programs that offer financial incentives to businesses and individuals who install EV chargers. For example, the Australian Government's "Charge Together Fleets" program offers financial incentives for businesses that install EV chargers for their fleets.

As an electrician, you can help your customers to navigate the various government incentive programs and apply for funding. You can also help them to ensure that their EV charger installation meets the eligibility requirements for the incentives, something that AutomateOn can help with you as well.

According to the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia, the number of publicly accessible EV chargers in Australia increased by 15% in 2020, thanks in part to government incentives.

3. Bundle EV charging with other services

For some businesses, like motels, it might seem strange to sell electricity back to customers. One option is for customers to bundle the cost of EV charging into their original offering. For example, a café could offer EV charging to non-patrons for 22c per kWh but offer it to patrons for free if they buy a medium coffee. With AutomateOn's software integrate with your customer's charger we can provide coupons or QR codes to the drives to track conversion from charger use to foot traffic & sale.

As a professional electrician & business owner, you have the skills and expertise to help your customers monetise their EV charger investments. By offering services like AutomateOn's software and regular maintenance and repair, electricians can position themselves as tech-savvy professionals who are always looking for new ways to help their customers. With the rapid growth of EVs in Australia, now is the perfect time for electricians to expand their business and take advantage of this exciting new market.



To learn more about how we can help monetise your EV charger faster, please reach out to our team.

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