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The Terra AC Wallbox is a great Level 2 EV charger for customers who want a highly reliable EV charger that can take continuous EV charging throughout the day and night.


This variant is for businesses or residences with 3 Phase electricity. 


The unit is preconfigured with 4G connectivity, installed with AutomateOn's EV charging management software, and accessible by EV drivers via a unique web URL.


TAC-W22-T-RD-MC-0 AC wallbox type 2, socket, 3-phase/32A, MID certified, with RFID, display and 4G.


Brand: ABB

Number of Socket Outlets: 1

Output Power: Nominal 22kW

Output Voltage: AC 3-phase 320...480 V

Output Current: 

Connection Power:

Communication Interface(s): Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Modbus, 4G

Enclosure Type: Indoor, outdoor
Mounting Type: Wall mounting
Housing Material: Plastic


Terra AC 22kW wallbox 4G with Display - 3 Phase

$3,999.99 Regular Price
$3,699.99Sale Price
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