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The Terra AC Wallbox is a great Level 2 EV charger for customers who want a highly reliable EV charger that can take continuous EV charging throughout the day and night.


This variant is for businesses or residences with Single Phase electricity. 


This model comes untethered without a Type 2 charging cable. 


The unit is preconfigured with 4G connectivity, installed with AutomateOn's EV charging management software, and accessible by EV drivers via a unique web URL.


TAC-W7-T-RD-MC-0 AC wallbox type 2, socket, 1-phase/32A, MID certified, with RFID, display and 4G.

Terra AC 7.4kW wallbox 4G with Display - Single Phase

$3,699.99 Regular Price
$2,699.00Sale Price
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